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Strip-till machine

Wanting to go to strip-till this fall and have been looking at a lot of machine. We looked at Orthmans One-tipper & Krause Gladiator but not wanting to pull that much iron. Looked at Case IH Nurti-till 5300 12 row machine and really like the looks of it. The Nurti-till is the same machine that DMI made and Case IH bought out DMI. What does everybody else think on what is the best stip-till machine to buy.

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Re: Strip-till machine

   No personal experience with one, just an observer.  The only kind I have seen around here is a Krause.  I saw it used last fall and those fields have some of the best corn around.

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Re: Strip-till machine

we have a dawn and love it! I heard the orthmans are hard to adjust.

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