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Survey about machinery capital costs

Hi there.


We are a group of Imperial College students conducting a survey into the challenges faced by cropping farmers today (for the purposes of a project). It would be really beneficial if we could canvass some opinions from farmers themselves on whether they think machinery is a significant cost, or perhaps prohibits them from doing activities they would like to.


We would love it if you could possibly complete a 30 second survey about machinery costs:


If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


Thanks for your time!

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Re: Survey about machinery capital costs


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Re: Survey about machinery capital costs

You may or may not know that farmers get surveyed to death. Many surveys are hidden sales gimmicks. Your survey is a short one, so maybe you should just post it so farmers can see what it is without clicking on some unknown link and ask a farmer to click on the URL and respond online if they are willing. Let me give you a hint. Farmers are busy and often skeptical. Tell the farmer why it is in his/her interest to respond to the survey. Don't assume the farmer will infer the benefit. If the only benefit is to help a surveyor, admit it. Farmers are used to being asked to tell people information that is compiled, analyzed and maybe used against the farmer's interest.
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