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Re: Talking about cars. What are some of the nice ones you had

Along with my wife came a 1966 Ford Mustang.  To this day, it still only has around 66,000 original miles.  It's not worth much as it's powered by a 6 banger rather than the more desirable 289.  I have a 76' Vette.  I've always been a GM man, but you wouldn't know it by stopping by the farm.  I have also fell in love with the Ford diesels when they were still powered by the 7.3 international diesel.  There are several things about my two Ford tons powered by the 7.3 that I don't like, but I don't think there's a diesel engine out there that can top the 7.3.  My two are the old IDI's before the powerstroke came out.  The components are dirt cheap.  I can buy new injectors for less than 30 bucks a piece, and I can buy a reman pump for under 400 bucks.  My brother-in-law has Dodge diesels.  The injectors and pumps for the Cummins are cost prohibitive.  My brother has a Duramax which is an excellent engine, but I think my old 7.3 can out pull it in the lower gears.  He walks away from me once we hit highway speeds.  I have always been a diesel nut.  I just blew up an 83' Chevy powered with a 6.2 as it was approaching 300,000 miles.  It was a gutless wonder pulling anything, but it got around 23-25 mpg.  Most people hated the 5.7 Chevy diesels for good reason, but after doing the proper modifications I have found these to be excellent fuel savers.  Right now, I'm in the process of restoring a 51' and a 54' Chevy pickups.  One, I'm going to power with a 5.7 diesel from a 81' Cadillac.  The other, I'm going o power with a 6.2 diesel that I'm going to turbo from a 6.5 diesel. 

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Re: Talking about cars. What are some of the nice ones you had

Hey Mr. Kraft, good memories!


First was an ugly, rusty yellow 59 Chevy 2 door sedan, 6 cylinder, 3 on the tree that did 105 MPH wide open, verifiied by the State Highway patrol!  After 6 months of walking was able to trade for a 55 2 door sedan with a worn out 265 that  became a 283 out of a 57, 4 door sedan that happened to be a fuel injection engine with a Rochester on top!  My body man liked to tinker with carbs and it would do 105 in the quarter mile, not verified by the State Highway patrol but many sad owners of 289's, 340's and 383's!


The 59 was 150 dollars and the first tank of gas was 12 cents per gallon, that was 1966 I believe.  We never figured MPG until the oil embargo of 1973.


Then came a 63 Impala, 66 Impala and 67 navy blue Chevelle 396 SS that would pass anything but a gas station but you better check the oil!


I had 3 Chevette's, two of which were Izusu diesels that would push 50 MPG, 3 really ugly Ford Pinto's.  I traded so many cars I almost had to buy dealer's tags one year.


The 55 was the favorite though and would have kept it if it wasn't a body putty special like the 59.  First new car was a 77 350 Olds Cutlass Supreme 2 door hardtop.  One day I went to start it up and the bumper was laying on the ground!  It rusted off in the driveway!  I wrote a letter to Olsmobile and they sent me a check for $200 because "they wanted to keep me as a customer."


I had a Olds Delta 88 V8 diesel and don't like diesels to this day.  The 7.3 Fords were OK but I couldn't keep transmissions in them.  73 Chevy pickup, 74, 77, 95, 96, 98 and still have the 2001 2500 HD.  They were all excellent trucks and still running with tons of miles.


I've owned over 30 cars and pickups and 30 Oliver tractors.  They all have a story.Corn2007 015.jpg

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: Talking about cars. What are some of the nice ones you had

I don't remember what was first.  I think it was a Chrysler 300 that I had to put a tranny in.  Then a '56 GMC.  Then a 90 cc Honda I bought in Misawa, Japan.  Next was a Ford Galaxy 500, followed by an American Rambler or something.  Somewhere in here I had a 125 cc Honda and a 350 Honda (burned hoe in cylinder on road to Minneapolis) plus an old fashioned VW bus (blew up engine on road to Minneapolois) that I had to put an engine in.   Followed by a brand new Toyota Corolla 4 door with no heater (bought in Hawaii).  New 72 Chevey 1/2 ton. for $2800 in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.   New VW Bus in '85, picked up at the factory in Wolfsburg the day after my daughter was born in a snow storm (Munich).  A couple of Buicks, a Ford 150 pickup, a Silverado, an S10 and I'm sure some I've forgotten about.  Oh, yea, the Ford Escort station wagon dog that I owned in St. Louis in the late '80s.  Oh, yeah, the orange Mercedes 230 that I had in Heidelberg and the Volvo piece of junk, same place and time.  The Mercedes would crusise the autobahn at 160 km (100 mph) all day.  So, it's been 25 years since I bought a new vehicle.  I'll buy the wife a new one in a couple of years.

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