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Talking pickups

I was just over at earlier today and it hit me: Besides pictures of folks' tractors and combines, the most common photos people put there are of their pickups! So, I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of them with a little slideshow. Click here to see it.


So, let's have a little fun here. Let's see your pickup photos and your pickup stories! That first photo in the slideshow's actually the old rig I drove a few years growing up on our farm. Granddad's old '85 Ram. I still have the old Ram hood ornament tucked away in a box in my basement. I need to dig that thing out! That old rig was a beast. As hard as we'd try to dent the quarter panels by throwing big dirt clods at it, we never could! And unfortunately, I decided to wrap the steering wheel in duct tape once when I was waiting on my uncle to get to the field, and man, is that a mess now, even 20 years later! 


When we had our farm auction about 15 years ago, I told dad I wanted to get the old Dodge and he said he didn't know if he'd be able to get it. But then, one of his mechanic buddies heard about it, so he switched a couple plug wires so it just ran like hell when they started it up at the sale and nobody else bid on it! 


But, I'll save the story of me driving dad's F-150 into a running creek and soaking the engine for another time! 


So, what's your fondest pickup memory or story, young or old? 

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