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That 'box of junk' at the auction

I just got to chatting with Dave Mowitz here about some of the dumbest things we've ever done (a conversation Dave and I could have for months on end without stopping! Ha!). Got to talking about auctions and those infamous "junk boxes." I bet when I was a kid, I sifted through scores of those things that my granddad had bought, usually for a buck or 2, looking for something worth toting it back to the farm. But, alas, that never happened. 


So, got me thinking: What's the most valuable thing you've ever found in one of those "junk boxes" after you got home from the sale? What about the most unusual or coolest thing?

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Re: That 'box of junk' at the auction

Seems many more people are willing to take a chance on those these days. Seems like it started about the same time television shows like "Auction Hunters" became popular. The Amish around here really like anything cheap at the auctions.
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