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Tools Of The Futrure In Des Moines

Anyone going to the Tools Of tThe Future in Des Moines?  I'm going to go if I can gtet away.  I'm interested in the UAS (drones)  and precision ag stuff most.

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Re: Tools Of The Futrure In Des Moines

I think the presentation was worth the drive and expense.  I was surprised at how much I think Google Glass will be used on the farm;.  I like the application for repair and mechanical work best.


The UAS (drone) presentation was about as expected.  I have no doubt UAS will make a play in agriculture, but I think it is yet to be determined just how it pays.


The Firestone tire presentation on compaction and how it is related to tire pressure, etc., was quite interesting.


There was a discussion and demonstration of how to use water tile gates to set field water levels.  I've seen most of this at the Southeast Iowa Research Farm with Prof Matt Helmers.  Interesting stuff.


I didn't get a chance to see the planter of the future.


There was a lot of focus on gathering and manipulating data.  Various ways to gather data and use it for variable rate purposes.  

One of the challenges of all this data is getting it integrated.  I think this will still be a challenge in the near and maybe distant future.  Thsi is like the early days of computers, with many operating systems and programs thta wouldn't talk to each other.


The presenters were competent and knowledgeable.  The program moved along quickly enough to keep you interested.


If you get a chance to go to the Indiana or Illinois shows, I think it's worth your while. 

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