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Tracks on 8000 Series John Deere


I was looking for some input from any track tractor owners. 




How do the tracks hold up when forced to travel long distances between farms? Do they hold up as well as tires do?



What do you see as the pluses and minus's?


Thanks I look forward to your input.

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Re: Tracks on 8000 Series John Deere

I have a 8400T I believe the tracks might even last longer on the road than tires.  The track tractor rides better in the field but on the road and field paths rides bad.  The track tractor has better traction in dry fields but if you have some places that are a little wet the track is no good because if it starts to pull to one side when you try to correct it the track just spins faster and you don't have a brake or front wheel assist to keep you straight.

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