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Tractor fun

I was just checking out a few YouTube videos on tractors and equipment, just sort of for kicks, and came across this old gem:



Begs the question -- what's the most fun you've had with your tractor? Any special additions you've made to your machines just for kicks? Or, have you even used one as a drummer like these guys? Pretty fun stuff here. Let's hear your craziest ideas, either ones that you've done or ones that you'd like to do someday, no matter how crazy and ridiculous they may be! 


Speaking of tractors, hope everybody's having a safe spring in the field so far!

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Re: Tractor fun

That sweet little tractor has her own personality.  Works as a metromone as well.  Here`s what they do for fun in Brazil at about 1:15 and 3:15  please no one try this.   Those Brazilian clowns remind me of a story Gramps told of him and his brother plowing with like a 10-20 McCormick, one guy on each end of the field just jumping on to raise and lower the plow and turn on the ends.  The plow and tractor stayed in the furrow across the field on it`s own.

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Re: Tractor fun

Great technology but dangerous practice! 


Thanks for sharing the video!

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