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Tractor implement plug uses (EZ Trail grain cart)

The ez trail grain cart we bought has a light on the unloading auger that the previous owner had installed, but he installed a 6 pin trailer plug to operate it that is seperate from the 7 pin implement plug that tractors normally have.  I would like to put the light onto/wired into the 7 pin plug so that I do not have to put in a seperate switch and plug and I wonder if this is possible?  COuld I use the 7 pin and just add another switch if I have to or do I have to use the seperate plug?  The tractor we are using is a JD 4640 and I am already using the plug for the turn signals/flashers.  I know that their are supposedly accessory and flood light pins on the plug on the tractor (I think) and was wondering what position and what I have to do use these positions (if I use the light position would the light get its power through the plug and just come on when I turned the tractor's field lights on like the plug does for the flashers).

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Re: Tractor implement plug uses (EZ Trail grain cart)

I would think the cart already has a 7 pin plug for the rear lights and adding the wire for the unloading auger light is not going to be too hard. As far as I know..the big pin on those plugs is always the ground get a test light, a spare set of hands that can turn on your light switch...and see if you can find the pin on your tractor that lights up when the "field lights" on your tractor come on. It should be fairly easy to find, unless someone has done some non-standard wiring on the tractor.

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Re: Tractor implement plug uses (EZ Trail grain cart)

Found this image in another discussion, believe it is correct a test light is still a good test method.  In addition not all older tractors have that wire or still have it function correctly, the tractor we have our cart on needed to have a jumper wire run from the nearest light to the plug.

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