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Trimble ez guide plus or Outback s-lite

Used ez guide comes with ag15 antenna and keypad for $650. Outback s-lite comes with patch antenna for $750 new. Which one would you chose for spinning on fert. and spraying with 60' pull type sprayer.

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Re: Trimble ez guide plus or Outback s-lite

hard to compare, because most people have one or the other. i have an old easy guide plus. i've used it for both things you've suggested and seems to be adequate. I just spread fert. with it fri. morning. mine does not have a keypad, tho????

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PVA Farm

Re: Trimble ez guide plus or Outback s-lite

I bought the EZ Guide 500 a couple years ago and use just WAAS with it for spraying , fert spreading, etc.  It works well and was trouble-free until last summer when it wouldn't start up.  Turned out it had something go wrong with the power connection inside the box.  $400 something later it works.  Kind of an ouch on that for a $2500 tool.  Couple of neighbors have the Raven equivalents and they work similar.  If you can get a used EZ Guide for that cheap I wouldn't hesitate.  I don't know if my problem was an isolated one or if others have had problems, too.  I do know I wouldn't spray w/o it.  I felt very uncomfortable spraying going back to foam.  With the guidance you can see exactly where you missed on irregular fields (which are most of mine) and go back and spray those skipped spots.  Not so easy with foam.

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