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Truck Tire Balancing

I have been told by a farmer and a local tire shop that Heavy Truck (Semi/Tandem) owners have used golf balls in the front tires for balancing.  Also, you must use a odd number, 3 or 5.   I have been told the golf balls will be smooth when tires are changed.


Have any of you tried this?  And what is your experience?


Would appreciate your comments.  Thanks in advance.




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Veteran Contributor

Re: Truck Tire Balancing

i have heard of it but wouldnt do it.  i have seen them  use some kind of powder tho

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Re: Truck Tire Balancing

Thirty years of heavy over the road experience & haven't found a short cut yet?? Best way is have the dealer mount it & if it takes over 6 ounces have them replace it before it goes out the door---Equal is what I think you r in reference to in the powder- it's ok --not a big seller for us----BF-Goodrich has been a good one for us also Michlen--but a little priceeeee--odd ball brands r good for trailers only in my book!!! As far as gimmick's the golf ball 1 sounds suspect 2 me    

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Sberry 27

Re: Truck Tire Balancing

Put enough miles on it and the golf balls will wear out the casing.

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jake scia

Consider the "balancing rims".........

Consider the "rims" that bolt onto the axle/wheel..........brand names include Centramatic (or something close) and Balance Pro.


We have them on the steer axles of our semi tractors............noticeably reduces the vibration.


Both of the above have websites.


We have some of each............I like the mercury-filled ones the best........that's Balance Pro.............although both work..............and I would guess there are others out there.


Check the trucking talk sites.............big thread on them some time back.   Do a google.



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