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Re: UTV for the farm and ranch

I would suggest trying getting in an out, setting in them, then driving them a bit.  I like my Mule, but if you spend much time on the road it is too slow. If your Dad is going to drive it much you need to see if he can get in and out easily.


Our Fire Dept MABAS unit got a Polaris 6 wheeler from the state.  I'm sure glad I drove it a little before buying one because I hated it.Other firefighter working it with me just loved it.


We talked about trading our Mule for a Teryx.  Salesman I deal with said "why don't you come drive it?" about 3 times and wouldn't give me a price. I'm thinking "Jerry's trying to tell me something."  After driving it I know why he didn't give me a price.  I am not afraid to stick a friend's 13 year old daughter in the Mule and tell her go there.  I would not let her behind the wheel on the Teryx.  Just too fast.

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Re: UTV for the farm and ranch

Here in the UK most UTV's. Are diesel, due to our fuel cost. We ran a diesel Mule for 3 years, was a good sturdy machine, but when it came to change I wanted something with better suspension, top speed and brakes. Looked at the Gator, which ticks the boxes , but the cab is too narrow at the top, without doors you are  going to get wet at speed, the weather just funnels past the wind shield and onto you, worse than the gator.the answer lay in the Polaris Ranger diesel. Superb machine, great speed and handling, disc brakes all round and suspension that beats the Gator , we felt.

These machines are really starting to catch on here, as all around run abouts on the farm, and running on farm diesel are as cheap as chips to run.

Good luck with whatever you go for, Kubota have a limited following here as they are rather slow and have the same limited suspension that the Mule suffers from.

Ranger all the way for me.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: UTV for the farm and ranch

Maybe our new Buyer's Guide feature would have been of some value in making the decision.


We just launched this on Friday: Buyer's Guide for UTVs/ATVs.


Find the main landing page here: Buyer's Guide.


- John


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