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Wagon ladders

Most of my gravity wagons have ladders that are broken or missing.  I'd like a good ladder on the front, on the back, and something like a step or rung on the inside that won't stop grain from flowing but that I could stand on if I needed to get in to push grain or something.

I've seen home made ladders using re-rod.

I have a welder (that I'm not all that good at but can use) and  can fabricate simple ladders, I'm looking for good ideas on inexpensive ladders that are practical, easy to build and are safe. I don't have much scrap steel so will have to buy the materials (although I do have some re-rod).


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Re: Wagon ladders

Couple thougths.

Have used ladders made with angle iron.

Hard on the hands, round stock is easier to grip and hold onto.

Round stock can be harder to fit to get a good weld.

Square tubing might be an option.

If you have re-bar of adequate size it would be a good option.

Might take a file or grinder to it if it has 'catches' on it that will be hard on hands or clothes.

If wagon has sides/racks/extensions on it make the ladder stand out from the wagon so you do not have to find a rung that is hidden under the gravity box.

Inside rungs are best welded right to the box which can cause some trouble with box integretity in future unless you are a better welder than me.

If you hang anything inside you will have problems with grain hanging up on it unless someone has a better idea than I have ever seen.

As you get older it does get harder to just 'pop' up over these bins.

Thought I might have to call someone to put a ladder into a box that I have jumped out of many times in the past. The sides seemed to be higher the other day when I was inside cleaning out corners.


Re: Wagon ladders

Get ladder sections from a grain bin. The mfs grain bin ladders are simple cheap and easy to install. They stand off far enough to be convenient and are galvanized.

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Re: Wagon ladders

Ladders from silos are like the grain bin ladders and are easy to use as well and are often available used. We have some ladders made from old windmill tower ladders that were cut down and bent into a U shape using a torch so that it straddles the top of the wagon extension. We bolted it to the top and made a simple bracket to hold the bottoms away from the wagon sides.

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