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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Wagons dump to the left

For years, I've had gravity wagons that dumped to the left and others that dumped to the right.  I decided I preferred they dump to the left and have begun switching them all over.  It's not too bad a process, and I hope to finish it in the next rainy period.  While I'm at it, I post the capapcity, a wagon number, check the lubrication and look the machine over.  I should have done it in the off-season, but never seemed to get at it.

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Re: Wagons dump to the left

I think this will be one of our winter projects also. The new wagons we are buying dump to the left and we changed our drying setup around so that the left side dump would work out better.

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Re: Wagons dump to the left

  For road safety reasons the heavy/dump side should be on the left.  That way if when travelling on a road and you get over to the right a bit too far the extra weight on the right side (if wagon dumps on right) won't help pull the wagon off the road.

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