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What a Danhuser post hole digger value

My grandpa has an older Danhuser post hole digger with two bits, what is a used one worth, I haven't found one advertised or saw one sell in awhile.  I priced a new one at a local implement dealer, and he said half of new.  But I was curious as to the value at auctions.  Grandpa also has an older 4 bottom JD plow steerable, I saw an IH sell for $300  awhile back is that about in the ball park what they bring across the country.   I hate to offer to low cause he'll just say fine, but I want to be honest and fair as possible. 

thanks for any info. 



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Re: What a Danhuser post hole digger value

Just ask grandpa what he wants. If he is satisfied and you are satisfied, make the deal.


For values of the plow you might go to and see what they ask for them.


Thanks for being considerate to a grandpa!  I am one and you are probably a real blessing in his life.


Good luck!

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Re: What a Danhuser post hole digger value

a digger like that here will bring 500-600 900 tops ---the plow 200-300

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