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What is a John Deere 6500 worth

What is a John Deere 6500 worth?


I think it is a 1997 model


1800 hours


Rear fold boom not perfectly straight, but all welds good.


Needs new tires


Poly tank


Single front axle


Has a foamer but does not work I have been using my greenstar system


Located in East Central Illinois


I am looking at a bigger sprayer that a local farmer has but need a better idea of my sprayer value.  We purchased the sprayer about 10 years ago and re-built it.  It had been through a tornado and had some damage to the cab, frame work and boom along with damage to the hydraulic pump.  This is why the boom is not perfectly straight, but it has worked.  I know where a front fold boom is located and for sale.  Paint is somewhat faded which was from before we purchased it.  We have kept it in a shed every night since it arrived on the farm, and during the winter it was winterized or kept in a heated shop when freezing temps outside.  Still used it this past summer, but I need a larger sprayer to get done faster by myself with less help.  I had the foamer working when we first purchased it, but like most older foamers it quit working and I just used my greenstar equipment instead which will not go with the sprayer.  I have a picture below of the sprayer which was during the spraying season so it is a little dirty.  I do have the front wheel shield, I just do not use it at all times.


Thanks for any pricing info.



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