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Senior Contributor

What's important in a new pickup?

We've got a new poll on the site this week that I found pretty interesting.


I guess, personally, reputation and fuel efficiency are pretty important to me, but I don't do a ton of towing. Price is pretty high on my list as well, I guess. 


What do you think? Why did you vote the way you did here? Just curious to see if others consider the same factors as much, or if I'm just crazy!

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Senior Advisor

Re: What's important in a new pickup?

Ask John for a raise then price won't be a factor.


Really what is really important is how cool you look driving it.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Contributor

Re: What's important in a new pickup?

How about licensing, taxes and regulation?  To be eligible for the write-off, it has to be at least 1/2T with at least a 6' box.  So, if I am looking at that when I replace my S10 I'll step up a size.

Some bigger pickups have different insurance and tax treatment, as well.  Probably not a major consideration, but...

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