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Wheel Loader advice

Looking at a 2001 New Holland LW130B front end wheel loader. Appears to be in very nice shape with low hours. Are these generally good loaders or is this something to stay away from. Any weak areas these are known for? Is this just a rebadged Fiat-Allis? Would be used for farm / livestock use. Any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Wheel Loader advice

New Holland is a fairly decent machine. There are not alot of them around though which has it's down falls for repairs and such. We use loaders for snow removal in our area and the first thing to look at is the center pin, and the loader arm pins also. That usually will tell the story of how well it has been taken care of. If it sloppy it probably has been ran with lack of daily up keep. I have always had good luck with Cats and also Kawasaki loaders. My advice is try it out, drive it, dig with it, if it is weak it will show up. The other point to look at is the transmission and torque converter, put it in drive let it roll ahead and slap it into reverse. if it does not catch right away it might be weak in the converter.

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