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Which Vertical Tillage Tool?

Thinking about using a vertical tillage tool in NE Iowa on corn stalks going to corn the following year as our soil conservation plan will not allow us to fall disc chisel and spring chisel drys out too much and is a lumby seedbed.  Have any of you had any experience with Great Plaines, Summers, Salford, McFarland, or converting a disk to a Coulter machine?  What are the pros and cons of these machines.  After a fall trip and a spring trip with these machines can you directly go in and plant?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Which Vertical Tillage Tool?

I got a great plains TT last year.  I ran it trough some corn stalks last fall.  The stalks were very wet and tough and I was not satisfied with the job it did.  I didnt do a small strip of the field to compare though.   Well by spring you could tell a big difference.   And it planted so much better.   It really did a good job of making the stalks break down over winter and helping the soil warm up in the spring.  I did not run it through the stalks again in the spring.  If you did and got it done early and gave it some time to set you would probally get rid of a lot more residue.

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Re: Which Vertical Tillage Tool?

In giving my two cents on this subject, I'm now up to about a dime.  A store bought vertical tillage tool would be great, but much too expensive for my limited operation.  Neighbor has a GP turbo till and it seems to work pretty good and he hasn't had any repairs since he bought it about four years ago.  The only limited tillage tool that really does a good job filling wheel tracks/ruts and killing emerging weeds is a CIH 330 turbo disk, but I believe it is a stretch to call it vertical tillage.  I converted a disk and it does a great job sizing stalks and works well in the fall.  The following spring have mostly notilled and occasionally made a single pass with the field cultivator (only COC) and then planted.  If using it in the spring to cut stalks or to dry out wet ground, I suggest using a rolling, or flexible chain harrow pulled behind it to mix stuff up, and lightly till the entire surface.  I've been looking at used Unverferth rolling harrows but haven't yet pulled the trigger.  Don't get a crumbler which uses round bars, find something that has blades.  A Phoenix harrow might also work but again if you are willing to spend that much money, I would forget converting a disk and buy a Salford or GP.

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iron man3216253

Re: Which Vertical Tillage Tool?

Krause is coming out with Vertical Tool. We are a Krause dealer in NE Iowa. Krause been test for years. Krause look at all the Vertical  tools . Seen a lot they like but need to move more dirt. To fill in holes by grain carts and combines. Krause may show some pictures at the Boone show end of Aug-Sept. Start taking orders for next year 2011. Krause will not be the first to build VT tool. But Krause will do it right.  We see farmers that want a tool to do Corn on Corn one pass in the fall one pass in the spring Or for beans one in fall. My name is Steve 641-228-5714

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