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White 2-135 warning light

We just bought a White 2-135 to run a manure spreader. It seems like everything works OK, but a red warning light on the dash comes on as soon as it is running. Under the light, it appears to say "ENR STOP". Anyone have an idea what that means, as I didn't get an owner's manual and the I &T shop manual I have doesn't say. Thanks for any help.

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Re: White 2-135 warning light

I'm not actually sure but would guess it says "Engine Stop" which is long for "Eng Stop".  I don't think the "ENR" is right and has been smudged or torn, etc.

I've got a 2-155 with the Hercules engine in it and I believe you have this in yours too (?).  They do have a tendency to have low psi after a few thousand hours.  It is either that or the pressure sender is weak which sets off the buzzer too soon.  I think a psi gauge can be placed where the sender is so you can get a real or actual psi reading.  That is my 2 cents.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: White 2-135 warning light

The Floyd County Museum often has White manuals, either original.or reprint.


If they can't help you, call Tom at O'Brien County Imiplement, Sheldon, IA

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