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White 272 rock-flex disk 30 ft Arbor Bolt Issues


I just picked up a White 272 rock-flex disk.  Its a 30 ft. Model.

There are no welds on this disk and the blades are like new, so it has not been abused, but it currently has a broken arbor bolt and some bearings out.


The previous owner had terrible luck breaking arbor bolts on this disk and bearing not lasting very long.

This disk has 1 1/8th  square arbor bolts. and bearings with the square  inner.


I have heard of this solution works on the 30 footers.  I guess its not a problem on smaller 272's :

  1. I have heard that if I switch to a 1 1/8th inch  round arbor bolt
  2. Get Bearing for 1 1/2 inch  round arbor bolt (like the ones used on the 273 models)
    1. Have inserts made to press into the bearings to get back to 1 1/8th inch round
  3. That I will not have arbor bolts breaking and the bigger bearings will last longer. 

Has anyone heard of this fix or is it a White Update for the 272 models.


I have a broken arbor bolt on the front that I need to fix plus some bearings.  

I kind of like the sound of this fix, unless someone has a better idea.



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