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Why should poultry feed processing machine lubricated?

Poultry feed processing machine manufacturers all know that during the operation of the feed machinery, there will be corresponding friction between the parts in contact with each other, from damage to the parts to affecting the production of mechanical equipment, thus causing the mechanical equipment to fail and causing huge economic losses to the enterprise.

Therefore, regular lubrication is usually required to ensure the normal operation of the animal feed pellet making machine.

When lubricating feed machinery, poultry feed processing machine manufacturers usually include several different lubrication states, which can be divided into boundary friction, dry friction and liquid friction. Generally speaking, lubricating the friction parts of equipment can effectively reduce friction, greatly reduce equipment wear and performance consumption, improve equipment operating efficiency, and prolong equipment life. As one of the main means to improve equipment performance, lubrication technology has become a common concern in related fields.

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Poultry feed processing machine manufacturers need to pay attention that in the process of lubrication, they should not be blindly carried out, but should formulate a lubrication management plan in line with the development of the enterprise according to the actual production situation of the poultry feed machinery itself, so as to make greater efforts for the normal operation of the enterprise equipment. contribution.Why should the poultry feed pellet making machine be kept lubricated?

In general, the importance of lubricating care has been emphasized again and again, mainly because proper lubricating care can significantly reduce the wear level of feed pellet mills and ensure smooth production work. As we all know, any poultry feed processing machine will inevitably have problems such as decreased flexibility, decreased operating efficiency and damage after long-term use. At this time, the maintenance of equipment obviously wastes labor and material resource costs, and causes enterprises to suffer greater economic losses.

Poultry feed processing machines are no exception. In the long-term use process, if there is a lack of corresponding lubrication, the friction strength between the contact parts will inevitably increase, resulting in damage to the parts and affecting the normal use of the entire poultry feed processing machine.

Therefore, having a good lubrication program in place before a problem occurs in the equipment will be a preventive measure to prolong the life of the equipment. More information on this website.

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