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brent grain carts

1282 versus a 1194 avalanche? I understand the 1194 has a faster unload speed and probably a little lower center of gravity, but also more maintenance and a higher price tag by $5000. Any one have thoughts good or bad on the 2?  Thanks

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iron man3216253
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Re: brent grain carts

We sell Brent In NE Iowa . Both good carts. If you in hills stay with 1194. New 1282 duals / 520/85X38 are $42,800 lease is $8140 . 1282 with 76.50X32 are $42,800 lease is $8,140


Brent 1194 duals with 520.85 X38 are $51,700 lease is $9,833 a year. 1194 with 76/50X 32 are $54,500 lease is $10,371 a year. Also have 4.1% fix for 5 years


$2,500 down pay next fall. Email  or 641-228-5714 Steve  Lot more weight on drawbar on the 1194 both come with tarps. 

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