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combine upgrade

Thinking of upgrading combines looked at a Case-IH 1640 but need a bigger grain tank.  Should I look at bigger machines or a extension for the 1640.  If I am looking at a bigger combine I would consider Deere or Gleaner.  Deere has best and closest dealer but I would like a rotary and can't afford newer Deere.  Buy the way I am now running a 4420 deere.

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Re: combine upgrade

Just my opinion, but I had a 1440,  when I sent it to the junk dealer I researched 1660's and  1680's capacity.

They were selling for vertually the same price.

Got the 1680 and love it  30 in rotor vs 14 in, bigger tank etc..

When buying used go big but look real close at condition.

SIL is deer mechanic and tells same story. 95?? sell readily when 96? ? in better condition sit unsold.

Best of luck



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