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converting auger hand winch to hydraulic

I read about a guy that took a hydraulic motor from the reel drive on an old JD header and replaced the hand crank that  was on his grain auger. What size sprockets should be used on the motor and the winch to make the right speed for lifting and lowering?

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Re: converting auger hand winch to hydraulic

You could probably mount it direct and use flow control valves get the speed you want. I think a reel motor would have enough torque.
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Re: converting auger hand winch to hydraulic

I used an old fertilizer swing wagon auger hydraulic motor for that purpose one timeDirect drive worked fine.

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Kewanee had a kit for that

Well, I think it was Kewanee.  Dad mounted a hydraulic motor directly on a hand crank winch on a Kewanee auger. I don't know how the hex adapter attaches to the winch drive.  When the auger wore out we unbolted the entire assembly and made a bracket to mount it on a landlord's Feterl. Sure beats cranking the blasted thing up by hand.


One thing you may need to do is restrict the flow to slow it down.  You can buy orifices or do like Dad and braze a pipe nipple shut and drill a small hole in it. Then all you need is a pipe coupler to put it in the hydraulic line.


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