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converting machinery to LED lights

Has anyone had an experience converting older tractors, combines or sprayers to LED bulbs. First off, I know they are more expensive the old incandescent lights. Is their extra cost worth it. Also, how hard is it to put in new bulbs. Can you just plug them into existing light housings? Also do you have to do any rewiring? Thanks for the advice.

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Re: converting machinery to LED lights

Hey! So, of course the price is higher, but you should count with all the advantages it will bring you. I switched to LEDs two year ago and can confirm that the consumption is lower) they also will last longer than for example fluorescent lights. I remember I did some counting to find out if it is profitable or not, and I understood what overpaying ones will give me better costs in long term vision) Relating the question about the conversion, well, I did not do it by myself. At the service, they told me that it is no problem to fit the LED bulbs in the old ones. I think maybe I could do it by myself, but I decided not to risk and went to

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