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ez-steer so what's the real story

These Trimble devices have been out for a number of years.

The one with a rubber type wheel that presses against the steering wheel.

But you rarely find a used one.

The electric motor must have a fantactic duty cycle if these continue to work for a number of years.

Did everybody just buy the light bar and not pop the extra $ for the ez-steer option?

Are there some still working after years of use or are they in the junk bin.

Somebody here must have some experience with the unit - how does it hold up and did it do the job?

thanks in advance

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Re: ez-steer so what's the real story

I have a 3 year old ez guide 500 & yes didn't buy the steer option, my next move will be boom section controls, I also would like to find a good used one for a second light bar but can't find one. I would recommend trimbles system it works great!

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Re: ez-steer so what's the real story

I purchased the fm-750 with ez-steer one year ago, works great every time.  Considering updating to field-IQ on the sprayer with ez-pilot and 750 monitor, and updating tractor to fmx display.

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Re: ez-steer so what's the real story

We have the Trimble 500 with ezsteer with the rubber wheel drive and have had mixed results with it.  Some times it works good other times it needs to be nudged one way or the other to stay on line.  The tech support guys who worked for the dealer we bought it from have tried several times to correct the problem and have even replaced the black box but with no lasting results. 


I think part of the problem is the tech guys were always someone new and looked like they had just gotten out of college with little real world experience.  Now the local FS chem/fertilizer dealer we bought from have gotten out of the auto steer business all together.


I would look for someone that knows there stuff, has good customer support and can answer your questions when you have problems.


I have a neighbor that just bought the new Trimble 750 with the new EZ Pilot which is a round attachment that sits below your steering wheel as opposed to the rubber wheel drive that tends to get in your way.  He opted to go with Omnistar signal which is more accurate but cost around $480 for a three month subscription or $850 for a year.  He has just started planting with it but has been very satisfied so far,


Trimble hammers you with their one time $2000 fee to "unlock" your 500 or 750 so you can receive Omnistar or RTK.  I told the dealer it reminded me of Monsanto and the way they operate.


I believe they said it was $1500 a year for a subscription for RTK which is the most accurate.  You can still go with Waas with is free but less accurate.  I believe they list Waas as 6 to 8 inch accuracy compared to 2 to 4 in. for Omnistar and 1 inch for RTK.


Trimble currently has special deal where you can trade in your old 500 for a new 750 for $2600 and it includes the $2000 unlocking fee if you choose to go with Omnistar or RTK which is what they recommend for planting.  Not sure if you could buy a used 500 and use it as a trade in.


We thought about getting a new 750 with the EZ Pilot but they only make the EZ Pilot kit for newer tractors and they don't have it for our older model that we plant with.  The new dealer told me that the EZ Pilot cost $4700 on top of the cost for the 750.  His ad list the rubber wheel drive EZ Steer at $3200 which again does not include the 750 monitor.

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Mine works good but YOU need to know how to use this new tool.

I can't believe it but I was an "early adopter"  I have one Ez steer on a sprayer that started with and ez guide plus (black and white postage stamp sized screen) and then I got one with one of the very first 500's and I put it on an open station Mx 110 (no BS I built a box for the 500 and covered the ez-steer with an empty Ridomil jug) .   I have worn a bunch of wheels off over the years with no sign of the motor giving up.  The weak link is the T2 controller the circuit that run the motor once picked up "control fault " problem and the gyros (yaw rate especially) take a beating with saddle tanks and I am thinking of getting a rebuild.   Your supposed to be able to move the critter around but once you have it up you just want to get a box for each machine so people don't part with 'em. Although some like to think they made enough money with the oldy to buy new with/for the new tractor.


The system is a tool.  Just like a caveman that thought "rock with stick hurt fingers not work like rock in hand" when introduced to the first hammer it all comes down to how you adapt and use the new tool.   Guys that put early gps on tractors that were whipped and never read the book (it is a CD now) were not happy.  Dad ran through some trees and knocked the antena off and he just stuck it back on not noticing the carefully laid out marks.....I get a call "the damm thing is running to the left!".   Have you messured where your tires are? If you have bar axels I will bet you lunch that they are not as close to centered on your machine as you think.  Just how much play is there in that drawbar? ( and add in the pin slop to now double it for pass to pass mechanical slop)  Do you carry a steel tape and check thing like that or do you call the new service kid because it doesn't look right?


Like swinging a hammer with a lose head is the hammers fault.


Then there is how you use it.  Did you call up the drop down menu for convergence of omnistar?  It takes about 15 min to get full convergence (you read that in the CD right?)  and you know that if you block the signal to the antena  by  parking under trees or pulling in the shop or wipeing the bird poop off ......Omni needs another 10-15 min to  reconverge?  Do you work in lands to compensate for L-R tracking issues? (the "GOOF UP" ends in one "dead furrow" that way) or do you run like your still planting with markers?  Are you running A+ lines? or AB? Curve?  


We learend the hard way that Roud up and Liberty were not the same thing years really read the dirrections first Unfortunently there is a lot to learn and I know I still have a lot to learn to get right.. 

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