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fuel pumps

I'm planning to reconfigure and expand my diesel fuel storage.  The problem is that I dont have electricity where i want to put the tanks.  Does anyone use a gas powered centrifugal pumpto transfer diesel fuel?  95 % of the time i will be filling a fuel trailer rather than a tractor.  I think I recall seeing some fuel trailers with gas powered motors.  What does it take to be suitable for diesel fuel??  or is this a no-no.  Tia, Clayton

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Re: fuel pumps

Never saw one with a gas engine. I help a neighbor who uses a 12V pump on his transfer tank. His is a gear pump that we took the check valve out of so it pumps both ways. You can stick the end of the hose in his farm tank, and draw it into the transfer tank, then reverse the flow, and use it to fill his tractor. His is wired to his pickup, and we have yet to run the battery dead, but we only pump 150 gal at a time. He also has a 500 gallon on a trailer, but we pull it into town & get it filled.
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Re: fuel pumps

We have two nurse tanks we pull to the field on a trailer.  BOth have average cast iron run of the mill 2" centrifugal  pumps with Honda engines.  Been using them problem free for diesel for many years.  Spring for the Honda engines though, they are worth it for the trouble free performance

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