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generator replacement suggestions?

Our welder/generator has died and apparently after these things get a few years old no one fixes them or has parts. We are trying to decide what to replace it with. There are several options but we don't know which option makes the most sense.

The first option is the generator with the attached welder. This is nice because you do not tie up a tractor such as if you buy a pto type generator. On the down side if one part cannot be repaired- ie for us it was the generator-you have to replace the entire unit.

The second option is to buy a stand alone generator and mount it on a portable stand and put a welder unit beside it

The third option is to buy a pto driven unit and like option two, have a welder you can plug it as needed.

The factors to be considered are relative costs and  reliablility. We don't need it to be new but if you can't get repairs at all or  at a reasonable price that is not much value.

We liked what we had , the gererator with atached welder but we want to make a good choice as replacement.  We use it for power and welding  when away from the shop, repairs in the field-hopefully rare and standby power at home in an emergency. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: generator replacement suggestions?

I like to keep things as simple as I can.  I used to have a PTO driven generator for standby power for my parents house.  This always tied up a tractor and if needed for long periods of time the fuel could become costly.  They have since installed a standby generator that pulls LP right out of there bulk tank on the farm and it's automatic.  Don't know what they spent on it, but it works slick even automatically starts itself once per week to do a system check and keep the battery charged.


As far as the welder/generator I've got a Miller Legend that I've had for several years and it suits my needs just fine.  I don't do a lot of fabricating so it primarily gets used for repairing corrals and gates.  The generator built in is nice if you need to run grinders or other power tools.


Not sure if I gave you any decision help, but it is how I am setup.  I will add that I've got my Legend mounted on a two wheeled trailer that also carries my gas torch.

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Re: generator replacement suggestions?

As soon as I get caught up I plan to purchase a Lincoln Ranger. Probably a 225.
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Re: generator replacement suggestions?

We bought a used Hobart welder off Craigslist. It has a 3 cyl perkins diesel and it also is about 9000 watts as a generator, which runs my house during outages. We built a simple 2 wheel cart for it using the back half of an old running gear so it can be moved with a quad, tractor, or garden tractor to where it is needed. It came with 100 ft. leads so you can weld in hard to get areas.


We also have a PTO generator that is 50 KW that can run most of the stuff at our barn if we are careful not to do everything at the same time.  We built a rack over it to hold a Lincoln arc welder.  I prefer to run the little Hobart one at my house since it seems wrong to have a 150 hp tractor engine running at rated speed to run a couple lights, a fridge and freezer and a couple computers.

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