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give me tractor advice

I need a tractor. 50hp+. primarily to bush hog / finish mow / run a disk, and I need a front end loader.

I've got an option for 4k for a ~1963 Ford 4000 industrial with no loader. I've heard the 4000s from then couldn't really handle a loader, but I assume the industrial is built to handle it. hard to find spec differences laid out.

I think I could find a loader for $1k. no clue how much to install it. would that be a good deal?

I have 45 acres, mostly pasture but a decent bit of woods. I've lived here 9 months and only really just now getting the money up for this question to be pertinent.

aside from the deal mentioned above, what would you do to get a good tractor for 8k or less? I've considered gov auctions, seen a few decent options on eBay occasionally. I don't really know what I'm doing

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Re: give me tractor advice

I found a 4010 John Deere with a 148 loader already on, 80hp, $7,900 for you.

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