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grain cleaners

Looking at a grain cleaner do to drought and weeds that didn't kill.  Has anyone used them and if so your thoughts on them.  Is one brand better than the other?  Is the two stage worth the extra money over a one stage? Any other thoughts?  Thanks in advance.


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Re: grain cleaners

By grain cleaner...I assume you are talking about a barrel type rotating screen cleaner. We used one for quite a few years...and finally said the heck with it. Even the largest ones will barely run enough grain to keep an 8 inch auger busy. But if you have a problem...they will allow you to clean out most of your weed seed. Most large ones have double screens. The inside screen is mainly to remove large pieces of cob and stalks. We never felt those inhibited airflow in the we took the front section of the cob screen out..and let the corn drop right into the fine screening section. Make sure there is a very substantial drive system on the cleaner, because the amount of grain on the screen at one time can be very don't want to have a the screen stop rotating when it's clear full, it ends up being a minor mess. You will need a gravity box or dump cart to put your screenings in if you are filling a 12000 bushel bin...and you should figure on tarping the cleaner every night because dew really makes the screenings stick inside when you try to unload early in the morning. In other words...they make binning corn safer...but you better figure on spending a little more time getting it in there.

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