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having trouble with CaseIh 8010 overheating

Have fought this 8010 overheating all harvest, new rotary screen, brushes door seals  and yet still overheating

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Re: having trouble with CaseIh 8010 overheating

Replace the thermostat.

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Re: having trouble with CaseIh 8010 overheating

If that combine is overheating with no restriction in the fins of the radiator..then you have something wrong with either a clutch on the fan, the aforementioned thermostat, low anti-freeze (pretty easy to rule out), or a compression leak in the motor (not as easy..but watching for bubbles in the overflow tank while the engine is under load). Lots of these newer machines have temperature sensors to disengage the fan clutch when the A/C isn't demanding that the fan runs to condense the refrigerant. These newer machines aren't quite as easy to figure out as the old ones..Smiley Sad



And of course, as soon as I posted this, I thought of something else. Check your fan belt...and belt tensioner. I'm thinking you may have some slippage, and the fan blade isn't turning as fast as it should.

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