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loading bean boxes on tender?

 bought a seed tender last year to use this season for the first time, also bought a forklift with 48 inch forks.I  can move black boxes around no problem. my tender has fenders on it so I can not get real close to tender to load box on without putting box away from forklift  so I  can set box down on tender in proper spot. when I push box away from forklift my end of forks are not under support for black box enough to properly support it safely, so I made extensions for forks out of c  channel , 2x6 inch , now there is not enough clearance  to drop box down because they are to wide. what do others do  , I was told this would work , I will look at neighbors  and see how they do it with extensions. I  thought this would work with everyone using these tenders with totes  but never really looked that close. Thanks for any help.

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Re: loading bean boxes on tender?

I have same problem and ended up getting longer forks.   I wonder what holds a pro box together when i lift it crooked and on the bottom of the plastic box.  I felt the fork would end up poking a hole in the bottom of the box.  I don't know what the box is worth but, it sure is frustrating.

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Re: loading bean boxes on tender?

Be careful using extensions, if you make them only a few inches longer you'll reduce your capacity by as much as 50 percent.  Our forklift is rated for 5000 pounds and has longer forks, but we still have trouble loading in our gravity box, and it's pretty scary holding 2000 pounds 8+ feet in the air.  I've seen some neighbors use the conveyor off the tender to load itself.  Unverferth has that option, others I've seen use a small auger/belt conveyor to load rather than lifting overhead.  Often times it's cheaper (and safer) to go that route. 

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Re: loading bean boxes on tender?

Use a decent size tractor (100+ Hp) with forks on a front end loader. It stretches out further in front and you can reach the tender without worries of slipping a fork through the bottom of an ez box. Can use a smaller tractor if you put a round bale or something on the back for counter balance. As long as your front axle is built strong enough to hold the 25-2600 lbs of the tote up in the air
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