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looking for pros an cons on a white 8136 planter. thanks marty

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Re: looking for pros an cons on a white 8136 planter. thanks marty

We have been using White planters the last 22 years and have been very happy.   Our first was a 12 row 5100 planter bought new in 1990 which was replaced 3 years ago with a new 12 row 8220 planter. (I believe that is the right model number.)   I like the front fold on the 8220 better then the vertical fold of the 5100.   I also like the optional 3 bushel hoppers on the 8220.   Both planters have been reliable and accurate planters.   They are simple and easy to work on and parts seem reasonable.  The new planter has a better beefed up marker arm which could be a problem on the 5100 after years of use.  The Whites also seem less expesive then other brands.


I have a friend that sells the Precision planter update parts and rebuilds and test planter meters during the winter.  I asked him if he thought it would pay to spend money on updates for my White and he said it was not worth it as the White is already one of the most accurate planters on the market. 


One thing to remember to do is blow the dust off the centrifugal fan on the planter every year.   It is behind a screen and inside a housing so you don't see it and or think much about it.  However if left undone dust and dirt will build up on the fan blades and could cause it to be out of balance.

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