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magnum hydraulic connections disconnecting

I am having a problem with the hydraulics coming uncoupled from  both our 7130 and 7110 magnums. One tractor seems a bit worse than the other but they both do it. I have put on new ends on the connectors and the hoses are still disconnecting from the tractor. It happens with both the planter and our drill. It seems to be better after the oil warms up but it still happens. I have checked the tractor ends and they are clean. When a pressure tester is used the pressure seems good and the tractor will lug when the lever it pulled and the pressure tester remains installed on the tractor. I cannot seem to find anyone who has a solution to this. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks.

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Re: magnum hydraulic connections disconnecting

I am not familiar with the red tractors but I have had to change the connectors on the outlets of the tractor on a couple of my older JD tractors that had lots of hours of hydraulic work.

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