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mo-jo preasure springs

We have Keetons on our planter and they ball up in almost all soils.  Would M0-Jo preasure springs help?

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matt hagny

Re: Mojo Wires for Keetons

Yes, the added pressure on the Keeton tail will hold it down in the furrow and help it to wipe the sides clean against the furrow sidewall -- in true no-till, if there's a well-defined furrow.  In any event, the added pressure ensures that the Keeton tail stays down in the furrow and remains functional even if some dirt accumulates on the sides of the tail.  So long as the business end (the lower part) remains shined up, the Keeton is doing its job.  The seeds should be embedded into the bottom of the furrow -- this provides the most uniform germination and emergence, consistently year-in and year-out.


Hope this helps.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Mojo Wires for Keetons

We must not have as sticky of soil as you, or plant in dryer conditions, because our Keetons will only ball up occasionally.  I bought the planter used, and the guy before had Rebounders on it, but the true-vee disks were wore out, and I replaced them with new, and put on Keetons, as they had them on hand when I got the opener disks. I do belive the Keetons press the seed down a bit firmer than the Rebounders.  However, I only used the Rebounders the first year I had the planter, and they had a fair amount of wear on them.  However, I asked the previous owner of the planter if the Rebounders ever balled up with mud, and he said not that he remembered.

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Re: Mojo Wires for Keetons

There were a few things the original poster might have left out. Like whether he was no-tilling, or whether he was applying pop-up fertilizer with his Keetons. Anytime you get sticky fertilizer on something in contact with the is going to have a ball of soil stick to it. Like Hagny said though..if it is truly working right, the soil will wipe the stickiness away on the business end of the firmer...and push the seed down into the bottom of the furrow. The Mojo wires are probably a great investment especially after a season or two when the original firmer is starting to get weaker.

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