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no till drill

I have been renting a no till drill from the county. Thinking about getting a used one of my own. Any suggestions? 8 or 10 foot would be OK or larger. I plant alfalfa, clover, brome and sorghum sudan Thanks.

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Re: no till drill

Love my 10 foot Great Plains; not as good at seeding depth control as the John Deere; but not near the price; just stay at 4.5 mph; I plant soys into corn stalks, soys into soy stubble and barley and oats into soy stubble as a nurse crop for my alfalfa/timothy forage seeding; pull a brillion double gang packer directly behind; use a 6410 John Deere to pull it

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Re: no till drill

10 ft. Great Plains is really popular in this area for that type of seeding. They're a lot less money than some of the newer designs and do just as good a job from what I've seen. We also have a lot of race horse farms in this area and they use them for reseeding/overseeding paddocks that get beat up due to hoof traffic.

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