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questions about a 1020 Case IH 30 ft head...

I upgraded from 1460 to 1680 this harvest.  I have an 820, 22 ft head that is modified by young.  I love the head, but with 20.8 x 38 duals, I am having an awful time trying to get my throat rolled back enough for the young modifications to be an advantage.  Ive found a 1020 x 30 ft head in decent shape, so I am considering it.  When 30 ft heads first became popular in our area, I was riding with my pioneer dealer in his 9600 when he crossed a small drain furrow,,,,and when the cutter bar flexed thru it, the auger bowwed enough in the middle that it snapped off two rows of the teeth in the middle of the auger.  He stopped, whipped out the tools and 10 fingers and had them changed in no time, but he said it happened numerous times a day.  He was planning on getting a full fingered auger head the next year because the augers were stiffer and had less flex, there by wouldnt break the fingers off.  My question is if this was also a common problem on the 1020 heads.  My old 820 had fingers on it, and they were always a problem too.  The young head did away with the fingers and extended the auger flighting so it overlapped and eliminated finger mechanism completely. I like the 30 footer as it appears to be well maintained and shedded.  I just dont want to buy another nightmare to operate.  I was looking for another 22.5 1020, but they are rare.  25 would be plenty for me.  Looking for experienced opinions please.  Thanks to all. 

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Re: questions about a 1020 Case IH 30 ft head...

Neighbor had one and the auger would flex sitting in the hot sun
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