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saddle tanks and spraying with them

When using a saddle tank setup for spraying, how do you know if the solution in each tank is correctly mixed?  If inducting into main fill line, what if one tank fills a little faster than the other, and that tank gets more of the chemical from the inductor?  Do you fill with water and add proper amount of chemical to each individual tank for its size?  But if so, what about agitation?  The pump could pull more from one than the other, causing overflow?  These might be dumb questions, I'm just thinking out loud i guess.  Anyone spraying this way?  Would like to know how you handle this setup.  Thanks.

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Red Steele
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Re: saddle tanks and spraying with them

Good questions, actually. I bought a 3pt boom and saddle tanks a couple of years ago, and had to figure this out. I mix each tank separately, and fill them with the valves shut off. then I agitate one, to get the pumps and solution flowing on one side, and then open up the other and let them both agitate. You want to have good water flow into the tanks to circulate and mix . I really like this outfit...not having to pull a sprayer is great for manuevering and backing up into field corners. And you can set the boom high to spray late into the bean season for aphids.

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Re: saddle tanks and spraying with them

I'm not really sure you need to mix individually, even though you might have more chemical in one tank. As long as the tanks are emptying are probably getting a slightly higher concentration from one tank..and a slightly lower concentration from the other. I won't say mixing them individually is a bad idea...I'm just saying the chances of your application being off because of unequal chemical distribution "between" the tanks is fairly low. You do have to have good valves on the return lines to both tanks..that way you can adjust the way the tanks empty (or have excess flow from the pump distributed). Also..the longer you agitate these tanks..the more product is going to be mixed between the two tanks....

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Re: saddle tanks and spraying with them

Why not mix them in another tank, then pump that into the saddle tanks?


We have one person mixing, filling a temporay tank, and then it is mixed before I fill my sprayer....



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Re: saddle tanks and spraying with them

we have two tractors with 600 gal saddle tanks with 3pt sprayers with 500 gal tank on it, we have a valve between the back tank and the front tanks. We have always just mixed a 600 gal batch and then a 500 gal batch. I have also mixed 2500 gal batches and hauled that to the field but that was just roundup.  We have sprayed 10s of thousands of acres this way with 0 problems  I always spray out about half  the back tank and then switch to the front  and empty them,  our setup always returns to the back tank when spraying out of the front tanks so by the time the fronts are empty the back is full again.  One  could come up with all kinds of ideas but I know for certain that mixing this way works good,  if you fill them seperately and sit on uneven ground to fix something or count rows and they are then tied together its all running to the low side and your extra 10 minutes of filling them seperately is completely out the window and who knows how much of what is in each tank?  just fill and spray you will be fine.

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