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sprayer rear view camera system?

We have just upgraded our tractor mounted sprayer to a tyler 150 . It is on the high side of our budget but what else is new. The boom is a lot longer and we can't see the back nozzles any better than with the old boom. I wanted to mount a camera on the old one but could not find a good place to put it. I think we should be able to put something on the "new" sprayer. I was thinking that it would likely need 3 cameras, one to each side and one for the blind spot behind it. That way you could see all nozzles in real time. Is there a system that shows all 3 views at the same time or should we be looking at a different option?  if it is easy to see the side spray tips the back could be enough but I want as good an option as makes sense. If it can be used elsewhere, that would not hurt either. A system that doesn't break the bank is desirable. We would need a monitor for in the cab. I suspect there should be a few who have dealt with this issue any can give us some useful direction. Thanks for any input.

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Re: sprayer rear view camera system?

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Re: sprayer rear view camera system?

I use an FM750 for ezsteer and field iq on my sprayer. I added a piece of angle iron about 6' long protruding from the rear center and put a camera on it to view the center section of my booms. It plugs directly into the monitor so all I have to do is joog a button and it shows everything that I can't see from the seat. I'm sure you could do the same thing with an aftermarket system for a few hundred dollars.
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