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sunflower no till drill

is there any advantage to the true v openers veses the older style off-set openers

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Re: sunflower no till drill

I do not own one, but my next door neighbors have a 15 footer they have rebuilt 3 times now since they bought it new....i want to say early '80s.  They just rebuilt it over the winter to original specs....His statement to me was that it has worked just fine all these years, they saw no need to change.  They were the first in the area to have one, they have always had good stands with it.  They just recently got a 16/31 planter so it is only planting wheat now, but it has been an exceptional drill for them.  I looked for a used one about 10 years ago and i could not find any. I ended up with a 750 deere.  If interested, there is a nice looking one on a lical auction 3/17.  First one i have seen on an auction in ages.

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