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tier 4 engines

Most all  the new tractors have tier 4 engines. I am told only JD uses the hot gas method to get the exhaust clean. Other tractors use the DEF fluids. Whiich way is better?

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Re: tier 4 engines

I would imagine if you ask the Deere people, they would say their way is better and so forth.  In my opinion, the majority normally rules.  My brother-in-law bought a new Ford pickup, and Ford uses the DEF fluid also.

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Re: tier 4 engines

in the dodge trucks youget egr or def according the the weight im told and the def version performs better

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Re: tier 4 engines

The DEF doen't have the grossly expensive computer controlled filter, that purges itself from time to time, by dumping raw diesel into it, to make it hot enough to burn out the soot (does that sound like a good thing to have, on a combine in a dry field?).

I also belive the DEF version, leaves the engine itself more mechanically simple, instead of having exhaust recirculator valves and such on it.

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Re: tier 4 engines

Both have pros and cons.  If the Deere ever needs a new muffler, be prepared to spend up to $10,000 depending on the tractor model.  As I have read about the tier IV engines, EGR is Deere's way of a band aid to the problem.  It gets them past Tier III into Tier IV, but will NOT meet the full Tier IV standards.  I have read articles that have stated the in the next few years Deere will also be switching to DEF.   The DEF supposedly gets more power, better efficency and lower engine temps.  But we have heard people having cold weather troubles with the Urea freezing and not being able to be injected.  I suppose that is a learning curve for the manufacturers.  You also need to have a second product on hand to add as well as the diesel fuel.  Cost per gallon vs the EGR tractors is about the same. 

All the pickup manufacturers use DEF.  All heavy trucks use DEF.  AGCO and  Case IH  use DEF.  Seems like Deere is the last man standing with EGR.  For now.

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