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tire rims

Where can I get tire rims into which I can weld my own central hubs?  I can remember my blacksmith father converting  the old wooden spoke wagon wheels to pnematiic tires by cutting the spokes down and attaching tire rins to the spokes with wood screws, but it's too late to ask him where he got the rims.

  I saw Dave Mowitz visiting a shop in Iowa a couple weeks ago, and the farmer was explaining alignment, offset, etc. as he was welding centers into his wheels.  I'd like to know his source for those rims.

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Re: tire rims

This is a good outfit, outta St Ansgar, I bet they can help ya.

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Re: tire rims

Dave Mowitz here!

The person I was interviewing on The Machinery Show was Don Kubly with Gemplers.

The company provides rim advise online. Go to Gempler's (, click on "Resources"  (upper center of the screen), scroll down and click on "Product Support." That will send you to a page with "Tire Related" topics hotlinked at the bottom of the page.

and go to "Tires and Supplies." For example they have a "How to Identify Dual Wheel Parts and Accessories" page that hopefully will answer your questions!

Thanks for watching the Machinery Show!

Let me know what we can do to improve.

Dave Mowitz

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