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type of hydraulic fluid for White 2-135?

We recently bought a White 2-135 tractor.  I am trying to figure out what to use for the hydraulic fluid in the main reservoir and in the hi/low reservoir.  The tractor manual just says to use 'White Farm Equipment Universal Hydraulic Fluid'.  In some older Deere tractors we have we just use generic 303 fluid and it works fine.  If anybody can help me on what should be used on the White that would be great!





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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: type of hydraulic fluid for White 2-135?

I'm not an expert on this.  I'd maybe use 303 for summer but if using it in winter weather I think I'd just use standard hydraulic/transmission oil.  That's what I use in my Olivers, where were the predecdessor of the 2-135.;

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