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gough whitlam
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versi 955

Got a crack in the bottom of the tank where the fuel keeps pumping up and down over bumps.  What are your thoughts on how to repair it with welding bearing in mind the diesel has been drained out but fumes remain.

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Re: versi 955

I just got done cutting the end off of my transfer tank (0ne I use to move fuel from farm to field) and welding it back together. Seems the folks at GM decided to make their pickup beds about 3/4 inch narrower on the new vehicles...and this old tank wouldn't fit between the sides. I have transported gasoline with this tank...but usually only diesel. The last thing that was in it..was diesel, and I drained it well, but there was still about a gallon and a half left in the tank when I started cutting the end off. I was using a "whizzer wheel" on my grinder to do the cutting..and yes sparks were going into the tank. I had put the hose from my vacuum in the tank for about 45 minutes prior to cutting, to try and remove anything volatile that might be in there..but I don't think it really did any good. If you want to weld on that tank..first you have to make sure it is drained down away from the crack. I like to torch weld thin tanks or even braze patches on them. And if you want to be completely safe when cutting it apart...get a tank of CO2 (Welding gas for a MIG welder) and fill your fuel tank with it. Without won't have any chance of blowing anything up. I've even seen people use dry ice to weld on just putting chips of ice in the tank..and letting the resulting CO2 fill the tank.

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Re: versi 955

I've had good luck with JB Weld instead of welding a couple of times depending upon the orentation of thecrack.

Best of luck, try to keep you name out of the news paper what ever you decide.

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