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vertical tillage , need advice

Looking for something to leavel ground behind anhydrous tool bar for planting into. looked at a mcfarlene reel till and great plains turbo till, wanting something to also chop corn residue, then notill beans into. wanting something more aggressive then the salford. was considering the turbo till and putting case ih turbo blades on it, will this work on it with the gang being straight. any advice or past experence would help thanks marty 

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Re: vertical tillage , need advice

Whatever tool you end up with will do a better job of leveling if you go at an angle to the row and also do a better job of cutting trash with less problems of plugging something up.

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Re: vertical tillage , need advice

Don't believe installing the CIH blades and running them straight is a good idea.  The blade's convexity is matched to the gang angle to give the best result.  Same reason I don't like the idea to run straight wavy coulters at an angle.  The neighbor has been 100% corn and runs his turbotill on the ground he doesn't strip till after anhydrous and it certainly looks good.  Certainly chops up the corn stalks and doesn't leave a uneven field which can easily happen with a standard disk.   We ran a converted vertical till disk over stalks a couple of years ago and then "no-tilled" beans with good results and will do the same this year.  The converted disk was used this fall and will be planted without additional tillage this spring, unless it proves to be too wet and we need to run over again to dry it out enough to plant in a timely manner.

Edit:  Tried to use tag function to add additional information and obviously it isn't designed for that purpose.  Intended to mention that finally bought a rolling harrow to pull behind the converted disk.  Don't expect fall usage other than preparing for winter wheat, but certainly believe it will be a good addition to use in the spring.  Anticipate the two combined implements will perform similar to the turbotill.  The disk/harrow combination will give two separate, full width wavy cutter sets providing an effective cutting width of 4.5 inches, this is followed by two full width rolling baskets possibly preceded by a coil tine harrow. 

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