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what is a "k" line hydraulic ????

Well keeping with my board name "elcheapo"
I've thought about a brush cutter a tree
sheer. Most fit on a skid loader. I don't
have a skid loader, so thought I would
Put the attachments on an older loader
Tractor. Then found out those new toys
Take some hydro power. From minimum
Of 20 gpm to almost 50 gpm. Old tractor
Don't quite do that so thought would put
A pump on the pto.
Well thought I had it figured out until they
Told me "oh all the new stuff have a k line"
What the %&*@ is that and where do
You attach?
All my stuff only has 2 hoses, they act like
There are 3 now.

I guess I need to start a heritage farm tour
Where you pay to watch me work....
Like my first combine. Ihc 101....I try to
Cut a bin load a year to keep up the
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Senior Advisor

Re: what is a "k" line hydraulic ????

cheapo - I'm not sure about the "K" line - But think it is the line that dumps back into the case . I had to add one to the 49 a few years ago for the planter .

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Senior Advisor

Re: what is a "k" line hydraulic ????

Diddo for me Ken.  Had to add one to my Magnum when I started using my planter.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: what is a "k" line hydraulic ????

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Re: what is a "k" line hydraulic ????

Just stay with an armstrong brush cutter.
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