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Senior Reader

will not turn left

got a 79 ford 5600 with power steering . will turn right but will not turn left. the right turn is normal but when I try to turn left it acts like something is binding. I changed pivot pin in front end, did not help. Is this something wrong with the power assist gear or something else

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Pat in CMO
Senior Contributor

Re: will not turn left

 I had a pickup that the steering stabilizer (looks like a shock absorber) went bad and would only turn one direction. Other than somthing like that it could very likely be in the steering box.  Patrick

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: will not turn left

When it is full right does it turn back to center and then not go farther, or does it stay full right?  Have you been able to unhook the mechanical linkage and see if the problem is isolated to the pump or the steering mechanism?

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