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Went to yet another marketing meeting...I guess I keep
Going to a good laugh when they say something that
Is not logical....but the problem is I seem to be
The only one that smiles.,...I think alot of people's
Eyes just glaze over.
Wheat....start to hedge at 5.20 KC jly
Soybeans.....hedge whenever it is over $9 NC
Hedge NC corn 4.15 or better
Also this year will have basis problems, suggest
Doing basis contracts

Keep talking about the 3 million acres going from
Wht to beans......problem.....yeilds will be lower
In beans on wheat ground.....oh I guess the
Reports are saying there are more acres.....and
We are being told reason is people breaking
Out crp and pasture !!!!!!!

That is plain these people think
About things before they say it ?

Was out checking things yesterday
Half of our wheat in trouble.....ground is nothing
But powder.....half of ponds bone dry

We were shown and told we are well ahead for
The year for moisture.....funny our area nws office
Says we are 1.5 inches behind for the year.
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