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10 - 1 Weather Update

Hi All!  Let's take a look at what the weather is doing.  Lot's to talk about.  Let's get going.  first, the current Jet Stream:


JS 1.jpg


I talked about this a few days ago, with the Jet dropping quite a ways south around the 4th, but it's going to be a bit early.  The coldest night looks to be on the fourth, which is the night that was pegged by my last update on the 28th.  This is colder than then though:


Temp 1.jpg


This could very easily be the end of the season freeze event for MN, Eastern ND,  Western WI, and at least some of IA.  I spoke with my former Ag agent in Central WI.  He said that they had a field day yesterday, and that the early day corn (80 - 82) is going to be OK, but the late planted and 90 day corns over there are in trouble.  Heck, when I was over there on Monday, aI saw a few fields that were just pollinating - yes, I'll say it's not a typo - Pollinating.  Obviously, that's going to make nothing more than a grass silage at this point.  But, it's feed for the dairy industry over there.  The next night, Sunday into Monday morning, it moves East:


Temp 2.jpg


with more of a frost event than freeze for IN and Western OH.  Not that it maybe matters too much anymore.  The possible growing season event for most of the Midwest looks to be 10 days away.  The new 6-10 and 8-14 day forecasts hint at this one, but I think this will be a killer:


Press 1.jpg


Ten days from now, we have a large High that is forecast to drop out of the Arctic, and over will blanket much of the Midwest over the next few days:  Oct 11 - Oct 16.  This High in conjuction with a dip in the Jet Stream around the same time:


JS 2.jpg


Another interesting feature on this map, is the cut off Low in the Pacific.  If this stays intact, it could finally bring some welcome rain to CA.  Way to late - but it will still be very, very welcome indeed.


Broke Farmer, you're wide open the next ten days.  Make hay while the sun shines.  For the Midwest, still some mainly nuisance showers, nothing that should stop the combines for an extended period.  Iowa I know still have some very, very wet spots, and anything is still too much.


Soybean harvest here in the Cannon Valley was just getting underway.  Had it not rained, we would've been going everywhere this weekend.  I went to Red Wing today, and took some pictures on the way back of the area this summer that I said looked so good.  Those crops look spectacular.  Better than anything I saw coming through IA on my way home last week.  I'll be back with those later or tomorrow.  Have a good night.




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Re: 10 - 1 Weather Update

Thanks Jen for the update. Might make next week interesting for the grains.
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